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Transform Your Leadership is perfect for you if …

  • you are promoted to a new role with new people reporting to you.
  • you want that big promotion.
  • you find unexpected challenges in your current role.
  • you want to be known and remembered as THE best manager and leader.
  • you want to build solid future leaders from your team.

Set your own pace!

This program works WITH you while you work and live. Advance quickly, or take your time with each lesson. Don’t worry; you’ll be reminded to keep taking your next steps forward. You will always have the help YOU need to reach YOUR goals on YOUR schedule.

Transform Your Leadership breaks leadership down into 4 easy-to-digest pieces:

  1. Self-Leadership (your “inner game”)
  2. Communication (your “outer game”)
  3. Problem Management (other people’s games)
  4. Team leadership (the whole game)

Each lesson builds on the last and each course builds on the one before it, giving you a solid foundation for “game changing” results. Sign up for one course at a time, or sign up for all four for the best value.

In course #1 “Before You Hit The Boardroom: Getting Your Inner Game On Track” (9 self-paced lessons) you will:

  • Gain powerful credibility boosting skills
  • Become UNFLAPPABLE in the face of chaos and change
  • Find out what “takes you out” in critical moments and how to get yourself “back in the game”
  • Learn how to side step an ugly moment (or handle those slings and arrows that come with your position)
  • Know exactly what you want in your life and career
  • Create a clear map to get where you want to be

In course #2 “Before Your Say Anything: Getting Your Communication On Track” (7 self-paced lessons) you will:

  • Manage your impression and image for greatest credibility and influence
  • Learn your hard-wiring and how to manage it for greatest results. Discover how to get the results you want from people who are not wired the same as you
  • Get the best results the fastest way in ANY conversation with very targeted, powerful and effective skills and easy to remember strategies
  • Know how to handle difficult conversations with people who need to be confronted and challenged. (It’s not as scary as you think!)

In course #3 “Before You Fix Anything: Getting Your Problem Management and People Leadership Skills on Track” (9 self-paced lessons) you will:

  • Receive a very effective, simple to use “Tough Conversations” flow chart
  • Learn why, when and how to coach, counsel or mentor members of your team for best results, whether they are super stars, rising stars, falling stars, dwarf stars or black holes
  • Discover the best way to get individuals to identify and own their personal and professional challenges they bring to work.
  • Learn how to put together goals and action plans that actually stick
  • Keep individuals accountable to their own goals and action plans with easy and solid confrontation and accountability skills
  • Identify quickly what level your team members are at in any area of their responsibility and know immediately how to get the best results as you move them forward

In course #4 “Before You Try To Change Things: Getting Your Team Motivation and Change Leadership Skills On Track” (8 self-paced lessons, plus optional bonus lesson on hiring) you will:

  • Know the best steps to take to get the greatest results for any change initiative
  • Identify the RIGHT changes to make and get your team’s buy-in on any change that you put forward
  • Align your team for fewer conflicts and higher productivity
  • Keep team members motivated and accountable through all points of the change or the project
  • How to celebrate success without being cheesy, process the lessons and plan for future greatness

Tested and proven! Here’s what participants are saying:

“Five weeks into this course I had learned more than a friend of mine who is taking leadership courses through BCIT and paying way more money. We compared notes and what he’d learned after 12 weeks was just a drop in the bucket compared to your course… This course is far better than any of the on-line leadership training I’ve taken through Universities.    ~Joseph L., Richmond BC

“I’ve taken a lot of leadership courses. Your is, by far, the greatest value. I’ve learned far more than I expected. It’s been a valuable process.”       ~ Mark C., Vancouver BC

“Very engaging videos! There’s a lot of meat in this course. It’s more than I expected, not your typical online course. ~ Marg H., Vancouver BC

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How does “Transform Your Leadership” work?PDCA Cycle


  • For each lesson, watch a 10 minute video to introduce a new skill.

2. DO

  • Download that Lesson’s “pdf Challenge” with additional tips and insights.
  • Practice this new skill in your regular work and life.


  • Email  a quick summary of your experience with the skill for direct written feedback as soon as you are ready.
  • This unlocks access to a longer video with deeper insights into the skill you’ve just worked with.
  • After watching the video, take the 10 question quiz each week. This helps you retain what you’ve just learned and keeps you accountable to yourself.
  • You’ll receive points for the quiz questions you correctly answer, plus points for your summary. See your points increase as your skills increase. Watch your progress move forward on your personal member’s page each lesson.
  • Passing the quiz unlocks the next lesson, so you can keep moving forward as fast as you choose.

4. so you can ACT when you need to

  • Earn 75% of possible points and receive a Transform Your Leadership Certificate of Completion at the end of each course, PLUS a Certificate of  Transform Your Leadership Excellence if you complete all four courses and a final SPECIAL optional Leadership Performance Project.

Our 100% Money Back Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with the content of this course after completing 3 lessons, STOP! Go no further! Contact me. I will refund your entire enrollment amount at that point.

Your satisfaction is proof of the value I am providing to others. I value your honesty and will work with you through this course to make your personal results truly transformational.

Carol Carter, GetThrival! Training & Consulting
Creator of Transform Your Leadership 

Here’s what is included in Transform Your Leadership

  • Quick, easy-to-apply, Game Changing lessons
  • IMMEDIATE access to the first lesson to get started right away
    • to figure out what drives and motivates me and causes conflict in course #1
    • to understand my natural hard-wiring and how to make that work in course #2
    • downloadable easy-to-follow cheat sheets and flow charts in course #3
    • to benchmark my current skill levels and choose what to focus on for future growth in course #4
  • each lesson – an engaging, digestable, value packed, short video (10ish minutes)
  • each lesson – a pdf download with a relevant and powerful “Challenge” to help me work with the skills
  • each lesson – personal written feedback PLUS a longer video where I will get deeper understanding, more tips and tricks I can really  digest after I’ve worked a little with the skills in that lesson.
  • access to the recordings of all the lessons whenever I need them up to a year after I complete the course
  • each lesson – a quiz to keep me accountable to my own growth
  • a point tracking system that keeps me on track to gain my Certificates of Completion
  • each course – one 30 minute private phone coaching session to help me make the most of the course
  • a comments forum to connect with others taking the course

Questions? Click to email Carol Carter directly, or call 778-668-8805.